What do you blind see?

Afiș web_En_websize (3)In the world „pre-crisis”, to know what you can do with what you had was enough. Making efficient use of marketing budgets and having a good longterm strategy were the key to succeed. Today it becomes essential to be able to performe better with less. Less information, lower budgets, flexibile and short term strategies.  A fast changing and impredictible business climate will eventually lead you to what feels like „blind” decisions.

„What do you blind see” brings in a 4 hours course insight on what are the resources that we can use when facing unfamiliar situations and information gaps. You will spend the first hour, in complete darkeness and in an unfamiliar space, with other participants.  Through blindness you will „see” that you can compensate some of the missing information and that you can adapt and function. One hour later, lights are on, and you will see the difference between your estimation and reality and you will get an understading of how you can apply that further in your personal and professional life.

You will learn:

  • How you react when faced with an unfamiliar environment
  • How you function in a low-information environment
  • How you compensate the missing information

You will gain:

  • Confidence in your abilities to function and perform with limited resources
  • Mandatory know-how on using your potential to  improve your performance in an unpredictable environment
  • Understanding on how to use your intuition in order to bridge the information gap and how to challenge it in order to make a viable decision.

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